kenn leuzinger

Design, Web Development, Marketing


Greetings and thanks for visiting.
My name is Kenn Leuzinger, and I am a visual communicator, user interface and instructional designer, and marketer in Dallas, Texas. I have built brands, designed websites, and created revenue for companies. Using design, I've sold products and services to people I've never met, generated income for investors I've never seen, and trained people across the globe without ever having stepped foot in their classroom.

I love what I do and would love to share that enthusiasm with you.

My Objective

I wish to be continually challenged and driven in a company that expects the very best from me. I wish to provide that company with my very best design possible.

Portfolio of My Work

Use the drop-down navigation under the "Portfolio" button to view samples of my work. Not everything I have done is shown, but you should be able to get a good idea of my competencies and design sensibility.

Any critiques you have will also be welcome. I also have a hand-coded wireframe sample coming soon.